launch your aquaponics Farm with this easy to use Blueprint
Aquaponics Startup blueprint that helps you launch your business with confidence
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Multiple Businesses Funded And Launched Using This Plan
Launch your business using a blueprint with a proven track record of successful business launches and funding.
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What You'll Get:
Every Component that is needed for a Successful Aquaponics Operation
Executive Summary
Market Research
Marketing Strategy
Sales Strategy
Development Timeline
Operational Plan
Product Description
Financial Summary
Funding Plan
What People Are Saying
"I own a small farm where I grow organic crops in soil. When I looked at aquaponics I needed to understand the economics of aquaponics. This business plan helped me do that and with Ahmed's help we were able to write a business plan, take it to the bank and gotten it in the process of it being approved. I don't think the process would have been so painless if it wasn't for this business blueprint."

- David Carlson

Owner CGF Farms
What's in the Blueprint?
All Content Included Inside
The business blueprint has been used in planning several aquaponics startups and have been successful in getting approved for funding 9 out of 10 times. 

Even if you are not seeking a loan but planning a new aquaponics business and you don't know where to start, this tool will give you a clear roadmap  so you can avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls without risking your hard earned money.

Along with everything that is traditionally found in a well written business plan this Blueprint has a ton of content that is specifically written for a small scale commercial aquaponics facility. 

It is not just a skeleton of headings and subheading that requires you to do most of the writing it is complete with detailed content with instructions. We have done the hard work so you don't have to.

 Here is a list of what the business Blueprint comes loaded with:

Take a Tour of the Blueprint?
  • Over 50 pages of highly researched content
  •  9 chapters, over 40 detailed subsections. Click the button above to download the complete Table of Contents.
  •  Industry related market research
  •  Latest Industry trends and statistics
  •  Tested marketing strategy that works
  •  Resources to help you find relevant information
  •  Tested sales strategies that grow revenue
  •  Easy to navigate formatting
  •  Easily editable and plug in content
  •  Dozens of Figures and illustrations
Watch the Video Above Explaining the Contents of the Business Blueprint 
What Makes This Aquaponics Business Blueprint Different?
It is written by and for aquaponics farmers with in depth real world experience of aquaponics farming. The business blueprint has been proven to get funding for multiple small businesses in upwards of $500,000.

This template is best suited to you if you are thinking of building a small commercial farm or a backyard system. The material in the template is written specifically for aquaponics businesses and has all the components needed to plan and launch a successful aquaponics farm.
What Makes Aquaponics Awesome!
You can grow up to 10 Times More Plants! The roots of the plants are always in nutrient rich water which means you can grow plants much closer together than any other system out there. With aquaponics you can fit 10 times more plants in the same space! which means you can generate 10 times as much more revenue from the same area than traditional soil agriculture. 
Aquaponics gives you multiple sources of Income. It is not just the vegetables you can sell you also have the fish. No where else can your buyer get fresh organic produce and fish from the same supplier, a market you can dominate. The aquaponics system produces both plants and fish. The business blueprint gives you all sources of possible income without you having to guess!
Your plants grows 2x faster because they don't have to compete with other plants for nutrients they get it delivered right at the roots by the nutrient rich water 24/7. Cut down the growth cycle in half and sell faster and more than your competitors. The financial planner gives you the exact calculations on how much you can grow, it even account for the seasons!
Tap into the organic market! Aquaponics plants can be sold in the organic market getting you up to 4x as much as conventional prices, which means you can increase your profits! And on top of that Aquaponically grown produce tastes natural like soil grown, and it's organic. Some commercial aquaponic farms have already gotten USDA Organic certification.
Aquaponics farms use up to 50%-60% less energy than other farms. So you can grow 10x as much and use half the energy which means you can cut cost and keep more of the profits. Labour is minimized, lower heating bills because the water keeps the plants at the right temperature. You need energy to circulate the water and lights if you are growing in the winters... 
No More Weeding or Soil Work! Weeds can wreak havoc on your plants when growing in soil. With aquaponics weeds are never a problem because the soil is removed. And all the nutrients are in the water so you never have to worry about nutrient balance. All this hard work is removed which minimizes your labour costs. The labour is for seeding, planting and harvesting which is fully explained in the business blueprint. 
The decision to invest in aquaponics must be made with confidence.
Watch the Video Above Explaining the Contents of the Business Blueprint 
"Ahmed, thank you for listening before preaching, asking before telling and importantly being flexible enough to tailor the plan to our needs. Your knowledge of business comes from experience and not just a book." 
- Tony and Wendy, Owners, Island Vapours
Some of the Amazing Benefits of the Business Blueprint
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Accurate Financial Planning

Financial planning is probably the most important feature of a business plan. This planner gives you the components you need to start putting together a solid financial model for your new aquaponics business. (You can also get the Income Estimator for a deeper financial tool)

Done For You Research

The research done in the business blueprint is pertinent to the aquaponics market sector. With the information given in the document you will know exactly where to look for the data specific to your region and market.

Proven Sales Channels

The blueprint lists specific sales channel that give your business the highest chance of selling your aquaponically grown products.

Marketing Strategy that works

proven for small aquaponics business selling produce locally to organic retailers, suppliers and even larger super market chains. It also includes B2C marketing strategies that work.

Support With Planning

As you write your business plan you will need support. We have the experience and knowledge to answer your questions regarding aquaponics start up, operations and planning.

Executive Summary

The blueprint has a well written concise executive summary that will bring together your entire business plan effortlessly. Giving the reader of your business plan an easy decision making choice.

Written Specifically for Funding

This business blueprint has been written with funding in mind from government and financial institutions. Multiple business owners have successfully planned and received funding using our tools. You can too.

Establish Production Timeline

With the blueprint you will understand and plan your production timeline which is crucial in establishing the annual cycle and planning for the growth of your business.
What People Are Saying
"It is hard to find so much information in one spot. This blueprint gave me what I needed at the right time in my dream business launch. It would have taken me months to complete what I was able to complete in a few weeks with this blueprint"

- Gurjeet Bhattal, Vancouver BC

Wondering If this Blueprint is Right For You? 
Are You Asking...?
  •  How much does it cost to set up aquaponics farm?
  • ​What is the right marketing strategy for aquaponics
  • ​Is it worth it to start an aquaponics farm business?
  • ​What is the current state of the industry?
  • Where can I get the money to get started?
  • ​What should be my operational plan?
  • Who do I sell my fish and produce to?
Are You...?
  • ​Planning on starting a new aquaponics business and don't know where to start.
  • ​Seeking government funding or bank loans and need to submit a business plan.
  • ​Investing your own money and don't know how much it will cost.
  • ​Looking for a step-by-step resource to plan a small scale aquaponics farm. 
Case Study
Tony Carver and Wendy Degia, Island Farms, Newmarket ON
Tony and Wendy were looking to get out of their current business and start on their dream of owning an aquaponics farm. 

They needed the right tool that would help them plan, fund and execute their business the right way. They decided to use the Business Planner as part of their application to the bank to fund their estimated $500,000 2 acre aquaponics facility. 

They were looking to invest in their start up plans but not go "deep in the hole" as Tony put it right at the beginning. After completing the Business Planning process they realized where they needed to focus, rethink their business strategy and came up with a plan that has made them much more confident moving forward.

Tony - "My wife and I would like to take the time to thank you for all the support you have given us in the last few months. Getting involved in the Aquaponic business has been a dream of ours for a year or two. Searching on the web for a suitable consultant has been, at times, quite frustrating. Most of the larger companies offering their advice are quite frankly way out of our price range. 

As a current business owner we realize that there would/will always be “start up costs” no matter what you are planning. Yet some of these operations would leave the small investor so deep in the hole, before they could get any advice or direction that this would leave many people broke before they started." 
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