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Writing a business plan is easy but getting the information that could potentially make or break your business is not. 

Get the RIGHT information from people that have done it before? 
What's in the Business Plan Template?
Take a Look at the Content that's Included
Our business plan template has been used in planning several aquaponics businesses and have been successful in getting approved for funding 100% of the times. 

If you are planning a new aquaponics business and you don't know where to start. This template will give you a roadmap to set you up in the right direction.

Along with everything that is traditionally found in a well written business plan our template has a ton of content that is specifically written for a small scale commercial aquaponics facility. 

It is not just a skeleton of headings and subheading that requires you to do most of the writing it is complete with detailed content, just insert your company name!

 Here is a list of what the business plan comes loaded with:

  •  Over 50 pages of highly researched content
  •  9 chapters, over 40 detailed subsections. Click the PDF tab above to see the complete Table of Content.
  •  Industry related market research
  •  Industry trends and statistics
  •  Market segmentation and strategy
  •  Resources to help you find relevant information
  •  Sales and marketing strategies
  •  Easy to navigate formatting
  •  Easily editable and plug in content
  •  Figures and illustrations
Watch the Video Above Explaining the Contents of the Business Plan 
Now Only $75 $150
What Makes This Business Plan Different?
It is written by and for aquaponics farmers with in depth real world experience of aquaponics farming. The business plan has been proven to get funding for multiple small businesses in upwards of $500,000.

This template is best suited to you if you are thinking of building a small commercial farm or a backyard system. The material in the template is written specifically for aquaponics businesses and has all the components needed to plan and launch a successful aquaponics farm.
This Template is Right For You, If You Are:
  •  Planning on starting a new aquaponics business and don't know where to start.
  •  Seeking government funding or bank loans; even if you are investing your own money.
  •  Looking for a step-by-step resources to plan a small scale aquaponics farm or a backyard system. 
Tony and Wendy were looking to get out of their current business and start on their dream of owning an aquaponics farm. They needed the right tool that would help them plan, fund and execute their business the right way. 

Tony - "My wife and I would like to take the time to thank you for all the support you have given us in the last few months. Getting involved in the Aquaponic business has been a dream of ours for a year or two. Searching on the web for a suitable consultant has been, at times, quite frustrating. Most of the larger companies offering their advice are quite frankly way out of our price range. As a current business owner we realize that there would/will always be “start up costs” no matter what you are planning. Yet some of these operations would leave the small investor so deep in the hole, before they could get any advice or direction that this would leave many people broke before they started." 
What People Are Saying
"Ahmed, thank you for listening before preaching, asking before telling and importantly being flexible enough to tailor the plan to our needs. Your knowledge of business comes from experience and not just a book." 
- Tony and Wendy, Owners, Island Vapours
Thank you for the valuable information Ahmed ! It is hard to find so much information in one spot.
- Gurjeet Bhattal, Burnaby BC
About The Author

Ahmed Aibak

Ahmed, has designed multiple aquaponics farms. He has built his own 5000 sqft facility and operated the farm successfully for over 3 years before transitioning to design build consulting. Ahmed is well versed with all aspects of aquaponics operations including the feasibility, financial planning, set-up, build and operation of an aquaponics enterprise.

Recent Projects:
- Urbanspace Aquaponics, Vancouver BC 5000 sqft facility, design, build, operations and sold the facility
- Geenbiotix Enterprise, Panama City, Panama, 1.5 acres completed feasibility study
- Commox Valley BC, designed 2500 sqft facility
- Island Vapours, Toronto, ON, completed feasibility study
- Common Ground Farms, Burnaby, BC designed 6000 sqft facilty with Trout, build commencing spring 2019

M.Eng Environmental Engineering.

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